Bittersie Beanie

This pattern is my first 100% self published pattern.  If you’re looking for a warm beanie with a little bit of stranded colourwork knitting this is for you.

(This link takes you to Ravelry, if that’s not an option for you please get in touch and we’ll work out an alternative)



This beanie was inspired by an anticipated trip to Norway in early 2020.  As it would be the middle of winter on my visit I wanted a hat that would keep me warm no matter what the weather.
The Bittersie Beanie was born.  ‘Bittersie’ in Shetland dialect means very cold when refering to the weather so was the perfect word for my new hat or ‘toorie’ as we would call it in Shetland.
The toorie is a quick knit in DK yarn and would be great as a gift for all ages.  The rib section uses a clever technique to line up the brim with the main section and uses a type of twined knitting in the plain sections to give it extra warmth and thickness without the stitches looking extra large.